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Kelly Rae Roberts Pam Warden Sandra Magsamen
Kelly Rae Roberts is a self-described artist, author, and possibilitarian. In the span of a few short years, Kelly Rae has built a large online following, created a profitable Etsy shop, written a best-selling book, gotten published in several magazines, and launched a wildly successful gift collection through her licensing agreements with gift and home decor manufacturers. She is a mixed-media artist who did not discover her passion until she was 30 years old. She grew up in rural north Florida and went to college at Florida State where she earned a master's degree in social work. She met her husband in 1999 and they set off to begin a life together in Portland, Oregon. It was there that Kelly decided to take up running, which mysteriously led her to discovering the confidence and passion to pursue a longtime "impractical" dream of becoming an artist.

Much like Kelly Rae's own spirit, her work expresses honesty and tenderness, while remaining lighthearted and colorful. It speaks to people. This is evidenced by her expanding online presence. Kelly Rae has over 2000 daily blog readers, 7000 newsletter subscribers, and a strong Facebook following of over 3000. And yes, she also tweets. Her best-selling book, Taking Flight: Inspiration + Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings, was released just over one year ago. It has already sold 60,000 copies nationwide.
Pam Warden is a fabulous artist who paints with watercolor, acrylics, and sometimes coffee- using a technique she has developed over the years. She is a designer with Legacy Publications and also with Maggie Co. She is licensed with Applejack Art Partners, who have other artistic projects such as Disney, Andy Warhol, and Charles Schultz.

Pam was once a professional musician (singer/guitarist) and now is an artist. She has said that no other type of work has ever made sense to is just who she is and what she does. Due to her husband's illness, it has been difficult for her to paint, but as she has said, "Art quietly waits for you to wander back to it when you are distracted".

We love Pam's spirit and know that you will love her work! Please take a look at the framed prints we have to offer so you can enjoy a little piece of Pam's artwork for yourself.
Sandra Magsamen is a modern day Renaissance woman who has touched millions of people, one heart at a time. Her products have been warmly embraced for 20 years worldwide. As an artist, art therapist, mom, award-winning author of Living Artfully and the creator of the lifestyle brands Messages from the Heart, Wishes & Kisses, and From the Studio of Sandra Magsamen, Sandra uses her own creativity and spirit to fashion gifts and collections that help people express themselves and connect with others. Sandra reminds and teaches us to explore and experience each day with more heart, meaning, purpose, and joy.